Online Alley at Paintopia

The seed for Online Alley was planted at Paintopia 2015, after recruiting our very own social media correspondent Joanna Delilah to vlog her way through the festival for her youtube channel.
Joanna Delilah creating one of her lovely bump paints
Jo brought along her friend the incredible Charlie Short aka Pinkstylist on YouTube, Charlie has a huge online following as a special effects makeup artist who does regular videos and amazing transformations on himself.
2015-07-06 07.48.42
Jo & Charlie at Paintopia 2015 (pre makeup)
Charlie was so inspired by the atmosphere at Paintopia he couldn’t resist getting his brushes out and we were honoured to have him recreate one of his famous looks for us live at Paintopia.
2015-07-06 07.51.21
Jo & Charlie at Paintopia 2015 (post makeup)
Charlie also live streamed his makeup application to his fans online. That, and the fact that instafamous makeup artist Maria Malone-Guerbaa was demonstrating some of her famous live looks over on the Kryolan stand gave us the idea to build on this success and create an area for artists who focus on creating content online.
Maria Malone-Guerbaa looking gorgeous before one of her transformations
Maria checking into the hotel at Paintopia 2015
Jo and I got our heads together and Online Alley became the working title, it seemed fitting to have a street name for our little row of online artists so the name stuck.
Onto 2016 and our dear Charlie is back headlining for Online Alley as a guest artist alongside Insta-famous viral-video sensation Maria Malone-Guerbaa
The spirit of Paintopia has always been one of inclusivity not exclusivity, with this in mind we are offering the chance for anyone to apply to take a seat at Online Alley alongside our internet superstars.
To apply you must:
1) Have great makeup/painting skills
2) Have an online profile which is dedicated to your makeup work – this can be instagram, facebook or youtube
3) Have lots of images of your work which you have done specifically for your online profile (not just posting pictures of makeup you have done for events or clients, but looks you have done specifically to post online)
4) Be available to come to Paintopia on either Saturday 14 or Sunday 15 May 2016, Sprowston Manor Hotel, Norwich, Uk
5) Be flexible, a team player and just be lovely!
This is not about having a big following, yes many of our artists do, but this is by no means a pre-requisite, we are all about encouraging and nurturing talent, if you have the 5 key points above then there is nothing stopping you!
If you need further convincing then Jo has done a little Online Alley information video over on her You Tube channel.
Apply now by emailing Jo at
If you are chosen to participate you will be given a time slot and day, you will come along with your kit and brushes and create your makeup look in our Online Alley section at Paintopia.
The idea is that you will film a tutorial of your look from the event which you will then upload to your youtube.
If instagram is your thing then you can take photos of the process and upload those to your insta.
You can stream on periscope, tweet, facebook – the more the better!
You can also vlog or blog your experience.
We will be filming and sharing your work on all of Paintopia’s social media platforms throughout and after the festival.
Time slots will vary but we are aiming to keep them no less than 2 hours, no more than 3.
We are super excited about the first ever Online Alley, what are you waiting for?
Come and join the fun!
Jenn & Jo xx

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